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Welcome to my Web site.  Feel free to browse around and let me know what you think.  Be sure to see all the other page links to the left.

I have developed this site to share myself and my works with the reading and hopefully the publishing public.  All constructive comments are welcome.  More detailed information about my writing, my family and myself are available on the page titled "About Me"  If you would like to contact me, there is a message board and email address located on the "Contact Me" page.


Writers Prayer 

God, grant me inspiration, relieve me from expectation, quiet the voice in me for which nothing is good enough.

          When I research, lead me to answers.  When I plan, show me the path.  When I write, allow me to enter and live my story.  And when the story is done, clear it and its future from my mind

          If material success should come my way, remind me to thank You.  However, if the only reward I obtain for my writing is the writing itself, then let it be sufficient.

    The beautiful lady is my wife...
    I'm the ugly one.